Title: Hidden Voices

First Room  |  Collateral Show  |  From 12 December 2014 to 29 March 2015

A technology led installation where multiple suspended bottles in a dark room have a film running in each of the corked bottles like voices trapped. The works collectively titled ‘Hidden Voices’ seek to explore subliminal layers and entities trapped in their crevices. They make a conscious and deliberate attempt to hollow out and expose multilayers that often house thoughts, feelings and other such data; which are bottled, processed, and then lost in translation. A data lost between source or origin and the recipient. The fragility or strength of purpose, of the set and bottled boundaries, stands unsubstantiated in their intangibility. The voices and shadows therein still painfully linger and echo the sentiments trapped in them. More often than not, entities build delusory walls as fortresses, to protect the ‘Hidden Voices’ and yet expend considerable energy in trying to scale these same walls to enable an escape or release. This energy creates a disturbance. The visual representation here alludes to a cosmic dance with a ‘transmission of emotional energy’ in the form of physical waves, in bottled entrapment, begging for realization or arbitration. It bares a skeletal frame devoid of surface negotiations and complexities. It’s the under surface that holds integrity and authenticity. The only appeasement will be ‘connection and dialogue’ which hopefully the viewer will provide to afford completion.


Title: Scraping The Lacuna – Film

Second Room  |  Collateral Show  |  From 12 December 2014 to 29 March 2015

Excavations reveal the scraping of the inner lacuna. Like scraping dry rot from trees after they have been felled. The layers are pealed bit by bit to reveal historic scars; a few markings, and then there is an attempt to revisit, conjoin and resuscitate. The inscriptions here read: “I tried to peel the scabs and pick on the scars; for they bled no more but had hardened and cemented, like a hollow yet pulsating lacuna till you came along.” Here, there is a constant and incessant endeavour to fill underlying cracks. ‘Hidden voices’ are those whispers that push through submerged waters to the surface till the physicality of their presence is palpable. The voices contained, more often than not, beg to be released. And release is only possible with acceptance


5 -13 December 2009 | Florence Biennale | Italy


Scoletta of St John the Baptist Campo Della Bragora

May 13-20, 2013

During 54th BIENNALE d’arte di Venezia, The International Exhibition of Contemporary Art,
At the Scoletta of San Giovanni Battista by Studio Arte Carapostol
June 18 – 25, 2011.