Notes & Illusions

My works explore and re-engage with various deep impressions and stored images snatched from life. Instances and nuances have been greedily devoured and etched into stored imprints and now they must find their way somehow into legible or illegible forms. They are gathered together as memories—fleeting, hiding and staring, as they rush to emote through brush and paint.

A greedily devoured nuance can be ‘real’ while being derived from the ‘unreal’ if there was an acceptable reality in any terminology. My constant, heightened sensitivity has etched poetry in alternating forms, sometimes translating into imagery and sometimes into wordless verse. Very often I am unable to view an object or person in accepted forms but they might resemble a box with a label, a blurry haze or an animal or bird in the absolute surreal. What I gather is only an essence. I feed on this essence. We surround ourselves with handpicked entities and objects whether they are relationships, a circuitous routine or an exploration. We then begin to define that imagery through limitations bound by that permutation in choice. My works strive to cross beyond inexpression and content.

Many of my compositions begin with a strong aura combined with emotional or rational comment that can only be appeased after they appear composed in imagery like the cry of life from a disengaged womb, leaving me high, fulfilled and drained. I have battled in my earlier works to break free of lines and forms. The first line I drew on canvas stared at me like a shackle beginning to curl and swallow. What is represented is an essence without a necessary dictum, albeit a mixture of angst and celebration

Nandita Chaudhuri