Nandita Chaudhuri

Scraping the Lacuna


There are two interpretations at play here. In one instance the excavations reveal the scraping of the inner lacuna. Like scraping dry rot from trees after they have been felled. The layers are pealed bit by bit to reveal historic scars; a few markings, and then there is an attempt to revisit, conjoin and resuscitate. The inscriptions here read: “I tried to peel the scabs and pick on the scars; for they bled no more but had hardened and cemented, like a hollow yet pulsating lacuna till you came along.” Here, there is a constant and incessant endeavor to fill underlying cracks. ‘Hidden voices’ are those whispers that push through submerged waters to the surface till the physicality of their presence is palpable. The voices contained, more often than not, beg to be released. And release is only possible with acceptance,