Nandita Chaudhuri

Hidden Voices


In the other instance, is an interpretation of energy or consciousness encased in a womb like chasm. The voices and shadows therein still painfully linger and echo the sentiments trapped in them. The fragility or strength of purpose, of the set and bottled boundaries, stands unsubstantiated in their intangibility. More often than not entities build delusory walls as fortresses, to protect the ‘Hidden Voices’ and yet expend considerable cosmic energy in trying to scale these same walls to enable a release. The visual representation here alludes to a cosmic dance with a ‘transmission of emotional energy’ in the form of physical waves, in bottled entrapment, begging for realization or arbitration. It bares a skeletal frame devoid of surface negotiations and complexities. It’s the under surface that holds integrity and authenticity. The only appeasement will be ‘connection and dialogue’ which hopefully the viewer will provide to afford a completion.